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I took my leftover foam core board and started making a stand for the crossbow for easier storage and shipping.  Still working on base coating it.  Metallic paints require about a million coats for full coverage.

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Podfic recorded for

Little Reapers: William by twodollarepistolary

William is such a little shit, I love it.  

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Podfic recorded for 

Little Reapers: Grell by twodollarepistolary

Because reaperlings is the cutest idea we’ve come up with as a sub-fandom and all of Mary’s ficlets destroy me in the best ways.

Time Lapse Painting video showing the detail work I painted onto the Tidus Sword built by Arms, Armor, and Awesome!

I’m the dork in the Scouting Legion hoodie painting. 

Hanging out with tripleacosplay for a couple of days!  Mario has built this awesome Tidus sword for a commission and asked me to paint it so here are some progress shots of that. 

It was my first time using an airbrush and it was super awesome and now I want one really bad.  I airbrushed for pictures 1 through 4, then had to add the tiny specks and stuff via hand.  Now of course, I have to paint the other side. 

All parts fully assembled; nearly fully gessoed!  

…painting this is gonna be interesting.

Revocs Couture must have only the finest of accents~

Made Black & White cookies!

The chocolate frosting gave me trouble (I suck at melting chocolate apparently).  When I ran out of frosting, I used Nutella, and some of them I sandwiched with jam.

The cookie texture is probably the best part, tbh

Finishing up Quinn’s crossbow to auction off! 



Truthfully, I should take pictures of these with a perfectly white background with my DSLR, but it seems like so much effort.  Do you guys think these cell phone pictures are sufficient to put them up on my etsy?  

These cuties are now up for sale on my Etsy!!