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Oh my god, it’s been several months since I’ve updated this fic, I know, but I’m finally back from traveling and rush work on cosplay and managed to sit down and write the next chapter of it to try and catch it up to canon a little bit.  

Messing around with No Name Hanji~

Oh hey there’s a second chapter or something

Good god how long has it been since I last wrote a fic…  I was trying to continue We Three but it was depressing so I opted to make a happy coffe shop AU but that got depressing too, soooo… 

The 2 costumes I debuted at AX~!  

Kiryuin disco rainbow milf Ragyo  (Kill la Kill)

Fiora (League of Legends)

After the long wait, Quinn’s crossbow is finally available for auction!  

Ebay listing here

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask!


Some snapshots from AX~

Honest to god, I did not get to spend as much time with people as I wanted to, and that would be the only major downside to this convention, but it was still really fun all around.  

Progress shots for Ragyo’s wig then a test run!  

In retrospect, I maybe shouldn’t have had my first project with LEDs be a glowing rainbow wig, but then I am reminded of just how masochistic I am.  

I finally went ahead and made cosplay business cards!

Turns out I reeeeeeally don’t have that many photos to work with.  XD

Finished my vest and then ran a test fit!  

There are about 2 things need adjusting, and then I’m going to cry that I have to wear this stifling costume in the heat at AX.