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Written for Erurihan week!!

“I know we’re not supposed to have favorites among the new recruits, but Eren definitely has to be the most amazing boy I’ve ever seen, hands down!”

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Installing an invisible zipper would probably be a little bit easier if the lining were at least a slightly different color than the outside fabric.  Oh well.  

Mmmmm… Taste those clean seams~

Collab fic with archadianskies (Pt. 2)

“Grellybean, Ms. Cabral wants to talk to you after the show!” piped a voice into her headset. 

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74 plays
read and arranged by Nimbus

Voice: Nimbus
Fic: Archadianskies

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I love Annie’s fics a lot, and it’s been a while since I’ve had any voice over practice, so I turned her most recent ficlet into a podfic with her permission!  Now go read.  Shoo shoo all of you.


Written for Erurihan week!!
Fic by Nimbus
Art by Tashacho 

“I say we name them,” Hanji grinned, her eyes twinkling with reflections from the stars above and the campfire at her feet. 

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Unfortunately, because of my injured back, I can only work on this for about 2 hours at a time, and it’s a little slow going because you have to be very slow and careful with the lace.  But this is the progress on Isabella’s skirt! 

Step by step watercolor of Cordelia Midford from twodollarepistolary's wonderful Kuro fic, Lifeline~  Very belated birthday present…. eeep.

If you’re into Kuroshitsuji and you want a brilliant AU fic featuring sexy, sassy, reborn reapers, I HIGHLY recommend it!

Working on Isabella’s skirt! It’s an original design of mine, since the series (ParaKiss) is about aspiring fashion designers! The skirt will have 16 panels total, 8 lace panels and 8 opaque ones.  

The fabric is a heavy jersey knit.  The lace is surprisingly difficult to handle, but I’m being extra careful to make the lines of the seams look clean and neat.  

orchestra player/pianist and concertgoer AU; Grelliam
nimbus-makes-shit nimbus-makes-shit Said:


((Always such romantic prompts from you, Annie~))

Having a membership to the Royal Opera House was one of the few luxuries William partook in.  Provided that the shows were good, the cost of the membership more than paid for itself along the way.  He made an effort to sample a wide variety of shows, but many of the modern composers were too avant-garde for his taste, and he always favored a classic opera over a modern musical. 

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Are you still taking promts? If so mikehan dinner date gone wrong!
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((ooh, talk about rare pairs!  Had a lot of fun with this one, hope you enjoy it anon!))

“It’s this way, I’m sure of it!”

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